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Scientists at Harvard University have discovered that baldness can be treated by controlling the activity of hormones that cause stress.

Although the discovery came from research on mice, experts say that this hormone found in mice is very similar to the relevant human hormone.

That is why they have high hopes for the same results in humans as they have in research on mice.
The same team of scientists discovered last year that the constant stress on the nervous system severely affects the performance of stem cells related to hair color and growth.

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In this regard, an overdose of a neurotransmitter / hormone called “noradrenaline” was found to be potentially responsible.

However, recent research has shown that the hormone “corticosterone”, which is particularly associated with nervous tension in mice, causes gray hair and hair loss.

Corticosterone, which is also the animal substitute for the human hormone cortisol, interferes with the expression of a gene called GAS6. This gene is also the most important helper in maintaining the growth of hair follicles.

In the next phase, the same research will be done on the human hormone “cortisol” and work will be carried out on “hormone therapy” to treat gray hair and baldness.

Note: Details of this research are published in the latest issue of Nature.

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