Great good news for Pakistanis who want to do Umrah The government announced the end of the big ban

Google has decided to replace cookies with FLoC.

Technology giant Google has begun work on removing third-party cookies support in its web browser Chrome. By the end of this year, the Chrome browser will no longer allow ad networks to enter tracking codes into your machines (computers, smartphones, tablets).

It should be noted that when you use an ad network, your visit is followed by these codes.
Needless to say, Google has the world’s largest advertising network and apparently the elimination of third party cookies seems to be the elimination of highly personalized Internet-based advertising. But Google’s decision to “steal from theft and manipulate” will further strengthen its monopoly on digital advertising.

Google will soon be introducing its new targeted advertising system. Federated Learning of Cohorts This system will be integrated into Chrome in the next few months, with the goal of further protecting your financial interests.

According to Google, under this new system, cohorts (a group of users due to identical identities) will be distributed within the browser, websites will only be able to ask the user which cohort your browser belongs to.

For example, if you visit a lot of mobile related websites you will be added to this cohort, the user will be assigned a flock cohort ID based on his browsing.

Google will use your Chrome login as a prerequisite for your subscription. And if you have blocked third-party cookies then you will not be included. However, according to technology experts, this new feature of Chrome and the privacy concerns of the user need more time to come to the fore.

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