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US scientists have come up with a new technology to make artificial meat using spinach leaves that could potentially be better and more environmentally friendly.

It should be noted that research on artificial meat has been going on for the last 70 years, while more than a dozen laboratories and start-up companies around the world are still working to improve the production and quality of artificial meat.

It should also be noted that meat is rich in a variety of proteins that make it the most important food for human consumption. For this reason, meat must be included in the “balanced diet”.
However, raising more animals for meat is also polluting the environment, while the nutritional needs of these pets are becoming a separate issue.

Artificial meat is being developed in laboratories to solve this and many other similar problems. But so far there is no way to make artificial meat mass-produced, in an environmentally friendly way.

On the other hand, it is important to keep the taste and appearance of artificial meat in the same way as the real “natural meat”.

With all of this in mind, Boston College scientists have conducted successful experiments to “grow” artificial meat in spinach leaves.

During the experiments, they isolated meat-making cells from three different types of cows and raised them in a petri dish.

At the same time, the leaves of spinach were emptied of cells internally, leaving only membranes and hollow veins.

In the next phase, favorable conditions were provided by inserting cow cells into the “hollow leaves” of spinach.

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