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: The period from the birth of the moon to the formation of the fourteenth moon can affect the sleep of men in particular. However, its effect on women is less. The study is published in the journal Total Environment.

Scientists at Uppsala University in Sweden have conducted a regular survey of 492 women and 360 men in this regard, the results of which are slightly different from previous observations. Some people believe that the first two weeks of the rising moon affect human sleep, while other experts disagree.

The process of the rising moon is called “waxing” in which the light reflected from it gradually increases. During this time, the moonlight is visible at night. Exports recorded the sleep of all men and women on the nights of the rising moon. During this time, men’s sleep was affected.
Similarly, this experiment was repeated in the second half of the lunar period, that is, on the nights of the waning moon, but no significant effects on the sleep of men and women were observed during this period. That’s why Christian Benedict, head of research, said moonlit nights affect sleep and called for more research into the issue.

The reason for this has not been revealed yet but it is believed that the reflected light of the rising moon affects the sleep of men due to different mental states.

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