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Parents may ignore it, but adolescents and other children can suffer from depression and frustration. This condition has been tried to be completely removed from a specific computer program that provides distance support, which has met with encouraging success.

Scientists at the Charles Schmidt College of Science under Florida Atlantic University have used a computer program to try to reduce negative thoughts in children approaching puberty. At the same time, depression, anxiety, insanity and other conditions in children aged 8 to 12 years have also been examined with a brain EEG.

According to psychologists, children at this age develop social information as well as emotional, psychological and other conditions and they can suffer from many disorders at this age. The rate is much higher in many countries, including the United States. Details are published in the research journal Applied Neuropsychology, Child.
The children were trained in the computer program for psychological and emotional states that they performed on their computer at home. It noted psychological inhibitory control that helps to express human emotions and feelings. If left unchecked, this can lead to anxiety and depression. The Corona epidemic has also made our children irritable.

Specialists trained children in 16 sessions for four weeks through three different programs. There were some programs related to acquisition, emotions, IQ, while EEG was also measured in children’s brains. At the end of the course, many children experienced a reduction in sadness and depression.

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