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Google has introduced a new tool equipped with artificial intelligence, which will help diagnose the disease in people with skin diseases.

According to the British News Agency, technology giant Google has developed a ‘Dermatology Assist Tool’ to diagnose skin, hair and nail diseases. An early oncology expert says the innovation in artificial intelligence is enabling doctors to treat patients better.

This tool helps in diagnosing the skin diseases of the user by examining the image uploaded by the patient with the help of artificial intelligence. Google has completed testing of the tool and will launch it at its annual developer conference later this year.
Google says the Dermatology Assist Tool can detect 288 skin conditions using artificial intelligence. However, it is not designed as an alternative to medical identification and treatment. The tool took three years to develop, and 65,000 images of data were used experimentally to quickly diagnose the condition. Including pictures of skin condition, shades and tones.

As well as uploading the picture, the patient must also answer questions online. Google says that about 10 billion people search for skin, hair and nail problems on its search engine every year.

The US Food and Drug Administration Authority (FDA) has not yet given clearance for the use of Dermatology Assist in the US. However, the FDA has used a similar British tool to help identify lung cancer. Has been approved.

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