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The total number of birds in the open space of the earth can be more than 50 billion. But interestingly, the number of these four species of birds is very high, in the billions, while on the other hand, the survival of hundreds of species of birds is seriously endangered and needs to be protected.

According to a recent survey, the common bird, the European Mina, the heron and the barn, may each number more than a billion, while there are 1,180 species of birds, numbering only 5,000 or more. Even less Thus, in total, there are six wild and non-domestic birds for every person on earth.

The study was conducted by Corey Kelgen, a professor at the University of New South Wales, and his colleagues. This research reveals that on the one hand, certain species of birds dominate the atmosphere, while on the other hand, many rare birds are on the verge of extinction.
Surprisingly, 24 years ago it was estimated that there may be 200 to 400 billion free birds on earth. But this is not because the birds are rapidly declining or extinct, but because we now have the latest bird counting technology that is refuting old estimates.

An online database, eBird, has been used for this purpose. Ordinary citizens, scientists, students and bird watchers do their part. To make this data more transparent, it has also been compared to hundreds of databases from experts around the world. The database so far includes 724 species of birds. A state-of-the-art model was then developed that showed that the number of birds on our planet could be as high as 50 billion at the moment.

Other experts believe that public data can be a bit unreliable. Richard Gregory, an expert at the Bird Conservation Society in the UK, says the data on tropical and tropical birds in the eBird database is very poor and unsatisfactory.

In addition, some remote islands may be home to a large number of species of birds that have little human access.

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