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Driving requires a lot of attention in which listening to the phone, watching a movie on the display or eating and drinking leads to distraction but in this regard people consider driving as harmless by wearing headphones and earphones. Now a study has found that this process can be very dangerous.

The US company Ford has conducted a long study in Europe, the results of which have been posted on YouTube. In this regard, an application was created which was named Eight Dimensions or ATD. In controlled situations, this app creates a scene from your hearing as if you are really surrounded by voices everywhere.

The Ford Company brought participants to the road wearing quiet de headphones in a virtual reality environment. Now the participants were asked about the sounds of the road. They included the sound of an ambulance coming from behind.
The Ford Company included 2,000 women and men from across Europe in the study. People listening to music on headphones were found to have a 4.2 second delay in hearing and reacting to street noises. Although it is not too late, this reaction at high speed can lead to an accident and these few moments of time can decide life and death between the driver and the passerby.

People reacted positively to this experience, realizing the danger. That is, 44% said they would no longer wear headphones while riding. As such, it is a safe road and a very important way to save lives.

Ford said it would release the app worldwide so that others could try it and be aware of the dangers of headphones. According to experts, when we listen to music with headphones on, we feel less and less aware of our location. In this way, they respond to traffic noise on the road, which is essential for safe travel under normal circumstances.

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