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: Keeping in view the growing trend of video calls around the world, Facebook has introduced a new smart display for sale called “Portal Go”.

It is also the world’s first smart display with a separate battery, so it can make video calls while walking. However, it also has a stand that handles the “Portal Go” as well as the charger.

It also has a handle slot for carrying the “Portal Go” and thanks to its triangular shell it can be easily erected on any smooth surface.
It has all the features that a good smartphone or tablet display has.

It comes in two sizes: the screen size of the “Portal Go” is 10 inches, while the screen size of the slightly larger “Portal Plus” is 14 inches. The introductory prices for both are set at 199 199 and 34 349, respectively.

Pre-order (booking) of Portal Go and Portal Plus is going on on the official website of Facebook. It is expected that they will start reaching buyers by the end of this month or early next month.

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