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Google canceled its annual developer conference last year, but in a simple conference this year, it introduced a number of key technologies and features that could come to us at any time.

Here is an introduction to some of the key facilities and technologies:

3D Virtual Conference
Google says it is working on a new video chat system that will allow people to see each other in 3D (three-dimensional) and make the conversation more real. It has been dubbed ‘Starline’ in which the video chat will look very real.

Platforms such as video conferencing and zoom have become increasingly popular since the global epidemic, but so have zoom boredom. Although it will be released soon, remember that Starline will need more than one camera.

New remote work tools

Over the past 14 months, there has been an unusual resurgence of remote work and homework. There are many tools available in this regard but many facilities are still required. In response to this need, Google has introduced a number of tools that make the task easier. One of them is Smart Canvas which is a kind of project management platform. More than one person can join in and play a role while working on a project.

With the help of smart canvas, work on a project can be reviewed and progress can be obtained hand in hand. In addition, Google Mate will soon be linked to Google Docs so that conversations as well as documents can be exchanged. You can also view transcripts and translations of conversations that are already available on Google.

Android 12

Google has revolutionized the Android 12 operating system. Google has called it the biggest design change in its history. Above is a light that shows which app is using the camera and mic, meaning privacy has been greatly improved.

Thus, if you do not want your sophistication to be an accurate location but an expression of peripheral presence, this option has been added.

AI and skin cancer

Now, thanks to the Google AI app, the condition of nails, hair and skin can be closely monitored. Although it is made in the background of cosmetics and makeup. However, it has also obtained a medical app certificate in Europe. This means that if you get skin cancer, this app can predict it to a great extent.

In addition, Google has introduced the inclusion and improvement of various languages, AI photo albums and other features from its platform.

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