How to Enter Saudi Arabia Even the Flights is Banned

Commandant Brigadier Syed Waqar Haider Rizvi said that if the NF was given access to the VBook system, the ANF’s verification process could be expedited but unfortunately the customs officials were reluctant to give it access.

Brigadier Syed Waqar Haider Rizvi, Commandant, Anti-Narcotics Force, while addressing a meeting on the occasion of his visit to Karachi Chamber of Commerce, said that if the NF was given access to the V-book system, the ANF’s scrutiny procedure would be expedited. This can be done which has been demanded for the last 3 years but unfortunately the customs authorities are reluctant to give access to it. If we are given access to VBook, it will make things easier for us and the complaints faced by the business community. To be minimized, the KCCI should also take up the matter with higher authorities so that the ANF can have access to VBooks which will definitely be conducive to all stakeholders.

Referring to the ANF and Customs Authority inspections at airports, he said that the customs officials initially check the goods while at the end the ANF staff would do the same at the airports. Most of the passengers are upset because they have to go through the same procedure again, so we considered it necessary to request the customs authorities to conduct a joint check with the ANF authorities to reduce the inconvenience to the passengers. But the customs officials did not pay any attention to the ANF’s request, they are not ready to investigate.
Responding to participants’ concerns about delays in screening due to unavailability of ANF staff, he said terminal operators and port authorities were not willing to allow the ANF to set up even a small office, which was the main reason for the delay. The reason is that the ANF is doing its best to provide its best services within the limited available resources with a manpower of only 3,000 personnel across Pakistan.

The Commandant ANF expressed concern over the poor repacking by KCCI members and said that all stakeholders including traders, port authorities, customs, ANF and Pakistan Coast Guard officials should sit together to check the poor repacking. Therefore, the issues under discussion can be discussed and a solution can be found.

The ANF is aware of the difficulties faced by importers and exporters due to delays in inspection of goods and every effort is made to reduce complaints by inspecting at least one container, he told KCCI. Suggested a focal person.

Sharq Vohra stressed that the ANF must focus on improving its image and fully facilitating the business community as in many cases the ANF has been obstructed and delays in clearance procedures. Is charged.

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