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“Some people just dream while some people wake up and start working hard to make their dreams come true.”

“Everything in the world happens twice. Once in someone’s mind, another time in the world. If you do not have the image of success in your mind, then in fact you can not be successful.

“You become what you think you are.” (Napoleon Hill)

In 1883, in a mountainous area of ​​southwest Virginia, a boy opened his eyes to a situation where his parents were living a big cosmopolitan life. The economic downturn was such that the whole family was living in a one-room cabin. His mother died when he was nine years old.

The father remarried and fortunately his stepmother proved to be good and started supporting him at every opportunity. He loved to write. At the age of 13, he started writing in his father’s newspaper. Gradually, his writing improved and he began to receive some compensation. As the family was financially backward, he decided to pay for his own education.

He continued to write until 1908, in search of a permanent livelihood. One day he saw an interesting advertisement in a newspaper by Andrew Carnegie, the most influential and wealthy man of the time. He noticed something strange in the ad, so he was in front of Andrew Carnegie’s office the next day. Andrew made a strange offer to him, he said: “I have an offer. I want to research the topic of success. Most of the most successful people of the time are acquaintances of mine. You can interview them but also remember that you will not be paid for all this work. ”The meeting lasted for three days. The young man began to think. The advantages of this offer were not clear at the moment, so he began to think about other aspects of the offer (disadvantages) and eventually he agreed, because he had something to lose. no.

The young man is known to the world today as Napoleon Hill, author of ten books, including the world-famous Think and Grow Rich, and founder of the Napoleon Hill Foundation. A man who opened his eyes to poverty, who could not even get a higher education and who did not have a decent job and employment but still raised the flag of fame, because his work made the world successful. Gave a new idea.

He spent 25 years researching over 20,000 successful and unsuccessful people and interviewed the 500 richest people of his time, including Andrew Carnegie, Graham Bell, Birdstone, Luther Bank, Elmer Gates, George. Shepherd, Theodore Roosevelt, Daniel Wright, Frank Runderlip, Albert Gary, and Henry Ford, all of whom shared common traits, wrote a book called Think & Grow Rich. Is Napoleon Hill’s best-selling book, which has sold more than 20 million original copies. In this book, Napoleon Hill explains what success and failure are, who gets it and who is the most successful person in the world. Are characterized by habits and attributes. Here we will try to present these points in a simple way.

(1) Thinking about success

All successful people think about their success. They look at all the systems and situations in the world and think, why am I not succeeding? They think I’m still where I left off, why? It is a fact that a person cannot progress without new circumstances, events and people in his life. Socrates says, “I do not teach, I do not teach, I just force to think.”

(2) Passion and obsession

Successful people are in control of almost every single situation, which can be called love, madness and madness. They would do whatever they wanted, no matter how much they had to wait and endure hardships.

(3) Belief

The third characteristic of successful people is faith. They were all convinced that we would do something. You may have noticed that a student who is capable believes that his hard work will pay off and that is why he works hard while incompetent students have one thing in common, which is that they believe There is no point in working hard and that is why they are left behind. If a person does not believe in the good of his future, he cannot try.

(4) Self-talk

One thing all the successful people had in common was that they used auto suggession. Man’s thoughts are formed in the same way as he speaks to himself and his thoughts are formed from his thoughts. All these successful people kept on convincing themselves through word of mouth that yes I can and with that belief they would succeed.

(5) Work in a specific field

All these successful people have achieved success by working in a specific field. As Edison worked on the bulb, Bridgestone took over the automotive industry, and Andrew Carnegie took over the steel industry. After taking on a job, they put all their energy into it and as a result they deserved success.

(6) Creativity

All these successful people were masters of imagination and imagination, they dreamed and started struggling for its interpretation and then they became successful. God gives every human being a chance. We believe that only the lucky ones get the chance, right now

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