If You Do Not Do this, Your Work Visa Will be Wasted – Special News for Foreigners in Saudi Arabia

He was sitting in the park sucking the rhinos and throwing them on the grass near the husks. When the process of eating was over, he shook his clothes and got up, and left carelessly. The garbage of the husks remained to lie there. Pick it up or it will stay there for a long time. We often see such a sad scene in Pakistan.

Even seemingly educated people do not feel ashamed or embarrassed while dropping any paper or object on the way. The result of this bad behavior is that today we see piles of rubbish especially in Pakistani cities. Chalan adorns the followers of the great religion in which cleanliness and purity is called half faith?

Both the people and the governments are not aware of the importance of waste. The development of science and technology has made many of the items in the seemingly useless waste valuable today. The reason is that with the help of various methods these items It has become possible to make new things by making them reusable. This process is called “recycling” in scientific terms. If the unemployed Pakistani youth become acquainted with the mysteries of this new field, they will adopt it and earn a reasonable income. It is as if it is now possible to make money from garbage. Divine power has given the youth a golden opportunity to change their destiny.
Unfortunately, we have a common saying that ordinary people throw their rubbish anywhere outside the house. However, local governments have set up garbage dumps. Citizens have a moral and legal responsibility to dump their rubbish only in these places. But most men throw weight wherever they want. This is not a sign of being civilized and educated. The principles of cleanliness that the Qur’an and Sunnah taught to Muslims have now been adopted by non-Muslims. Iqbal’s star is also shining. In all western countries, children are trained to manage garbage from day one. There are three basic principles of this training: “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle”. Try to reuse it or dispose of it safely. Safety disposal was taught because recycling of that waste creates new products. The result of this training is that roads and streets in Western countries are clean. They look clean.

In Western countries, every household has at least three bins or bins. One is filled with organic waste, the other is paper and the other is paper and the other is inorganic waste such as plastic. Metals and glass are made into ornaments. These bins are kept in a designated place. Every day a local government vehicle comes and picks up the garbage. If the garbage is of large size, it is placed with the bins. They do their duty and then the government does its duty. With their cooperation and harmony, the environment remains clean and does not harm human health.

All the garbage of the human population is collected by the local government at designated places. There the government workers classify the garbage. Some of the organic waste goes to the fertilizer factories. The rest of the power plants burn to generate electricity. Inorganic waste is also segregated by type. Plastics, glass, cardboard, paper and metals are segregated and sent to recycling factories. These factories will go through various processes to make new products from them.

This whole system of waste management is called “waste management” or waste disposal management. Western governments have become experts and experienced in this management. The main reason for this is that the people also use them. Full cooperation. Now it is the turn of most western countries to reuse most of their garbage. There is not enough garbage left to be buried underground. Waste that is completely useless, Western local governments allocate it outside the population. This place is called “landfill site”. Currently, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland and other European owners import organic and inorganic waste from abroad to make it usable. Meet the need

It is noteworthy that millions of tons of garbage are collected daily in the western cities. But the local governments have made the waste management so efficient and efficient that it has become possible to dispose of it easily. Nomadic flying shoppers are seen and nowhere does the stench of garbage spoil the nature. Those who are less educated in the West also have a civic sense and fulfill their responsibilities. Even if they have to walk half a mile, they become garbage. I will throw it. Throwing rubbish in the West is considered as the height of ignorance and arrogance. A nation that knows its rights and duties is capable of distinguishing between good and evil. And may Allah Almighty grant it progress and prosperity. According to the poet of the East:

Action makes life, heaven and hell
This khaki is neither light nor feminine in its nature

In most developing countries, including Pakistan, however, it is customary to set fire to the garbage where it accumulates or to dump it on vacant land. Ordinary people dump garbage on the banks of drains or in vacant plots. All of these methods are enemies of the environment and human health. By burning garbage, the toxic ingredients in it become part of the environment. They can then infect humans with various diseases. The disadvantage of scattering garbage on the ground is that toxic substances enter the atmosphere. The atmosphere in this area is no longer standard

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