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In the same way, steel and glass are melted down to make new things. Plastic takes the form of grains. Although standard plastic factories in Pakistan import raw materials from abroad, the reason is that the plastic that is made from waste Rotten food and dirt, such as diapers, are also added. Therefore, they are not of good quality. All standard plastic products are made of imported resin and pellets.

It is gratifying that in the last ten years, young Pakistanis have also opened small factories to recycle various waste products. Thus, a “supply chain” has been set up for everything from manufacturing to buying and selling. Garbage pickers are the first to come to this supply chain. They pick up the usable items and give them to the scavengers. The scavengers distribute the items according to the type and clean them and sell them to small factories. In the end, new products are made in small factories through small items. They then reach the markets to be sold.

Despite being a supply chain as mentioned above, a major problem in Pakistan is that even educated people collect all the garbage in one place. They do not even distinguish between organic and inorganic waste. Therefore, the usable items recovered from garbage are Organic waste is contaminated. It takes time, energy and money to separate and re-clean them. Therefore, the profit from them is greatly reduced and sometimes even a loss. Paper is the only thing that most Pakistanis waste. Otherwise, plastics, metals and glass waste are addictive.

That is why in Pakistan, waste products can only be used to make new items that are not used for food and drink. These items are used for outdoor use such as outdoor furniture, roofing material, manholes. Covers, plastic granules, etc. Experts say that there is a lot of garbage in Pakistan because the common people do not separate organic and inorganic waste and mix it together. So many things that can be reusable. If Pakistanis start keeping at least the two types of waste separately, Pakistan will be able to avoid wasting thousands of tons of waste every year. Organic waste will become compost while inorganic waste will become compost. It will be useful in making new things. In this way, increasing work will provide employment to the people and will reduce poverty. Also, piles of garbage will be reduced.

In view of these benefits, there is an urgent need to educate and train the Pakistani nation to use two bins at home, offices and other places. One is organic waste and the other is non-organic waste. By adopting this approach, they can not only make their country cleaner but also benefit their health. It is also important that children be taught from day one how to dispose of garbage. Will have a tradition of keeping clean.

The new oppression of Western colonialism
Over the last two or three decades, there has been a unique trend of Western countries dumping their toxic industrial waste into poor countries. In this regard, Western governments have shown a deception that makes this waste valuable. They make false claims. There is recyclable material in this garbage. But industrial and other unhealthy garbage is also hidden inside it. This is a new oppression of western colonialism on the poor countries. However, now many developing countries have collected garbage from western countries. They say that our land cannot become a garbage dump for others.

Jam Chakra… Large landfill site
In 1996, a landfill site was set up near Jam Chakra Deha on the outskirts of Karachi. It covers an area of ​​five acres. It is one of the largest landfill sites in the world. But another landfill was created.

It also has an area of ​​500 acres. But these two sites could not reduce the piles of garbage in Karachi. The main reason is various defects in the garbage collection system. It is often heard that the ruling class Dhabeji or any other Karachi. The third largest landfill site is being built on the outskirts, but the news has not yet materialized.

Similarly, it was heard some time ago that the Sindh government would build garbage burning power plants at Jam Chakra and Deha Gondal. But this issue was also buried somewhere in the mire of political maneuvers. A landfill site was built at Lakho Dero at a cost of Rs.

It covers an area of ​​56 acres. It is reported that this site is also full of garbage. Probably this is the reason. Now even in Lahore, like the city leader, piles of rubbish can be seen and rot has increased in the environment. There are daily statements about what to do, but little is done.

The Unique Things of Recycling
Experts say that 75% of the waste generated in the world every day can be recycled, but only 30% can be recycled and the rest is wasted.
شامل شامل Incorporated in waste If new material is made from paper, each ton of new paper produced saves 350 gallons of oil and 17 trees. Also, a large part of the land is not wasted.
شہری میں Every citizen in developed countries consumes paper products made from two trees annually.
تیل تیل Car oil is not unusable, it is just dirty. It is possible to recycle it.
500… It takes 500 years for a plastic bottle to decompose

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