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“I’m enrolled in a two-year degree program in halal certification,” George replied shortly.

“George, you are not a Muslim, nor do you live in a Muslim country, yet how did the idea of ​​studying in the field of halal certification come to your mind?” I asked another question.
“Actually, my career planner has suggested that in the near future, there will be tremendous opportunities for top jobs in various sectors of the halal industry on highly attractive positions.” So I have made up my mind to pursue higher education in this field, ”George explained.

“Wouldn’t it be strange and difficult for you to get specialized education in the field of halal certification?” I asked in surprise.

“Absolutely not, because we people in developed countries plan for higher education, keeping in mind the future trends and opportunities.” It is as if the wealth of oil is found in Muslim countries, but all the lucrative jobs of the big companies involved in the research and trade in the oil industry are with us whites only because our elders Immediately after the discovery of oil, he engaged his children in specialized education in this field. Understand something, it’s called career planning. ”George’s sarcastic, detailed answer not only dispelled all the misconceptions I had about career planning, but also enlightened my fourteen classes.

It should be noted that all the statements and arguments regarding the career planning of my dearest friend George Maxwell in the world of internet are based on reality. Indeed, the jobs that were considered very attractive for careers fifty years ago are now completely extinct, whereas ten years ago there were no suitable candidates for all the jobs. In the interviews and exams called for, job-seeking candidates appear in such large numbers that the scene of “one pomegranate and a hundred sick” emerges.

In fact, the popular business principle of supply and demand applies to career planning as well. That is, higher education for a student can be helpful and useful in getting an attractive job, only when there are more jobs and less candidates in the given field.

If students do not choose their field of study according to the following principles, then they will see the same scenes that we see today after every job is advertised by every public and private institution across the country. That is, two to three thousand highly educated young people line up outside the recruitment office for a job as a doctor and engineer. Unfortunately, even for a job as a courier and financier, young people with BA, MA and MBBS are taking applications in their hands and appealing to MNAs and MPs.

Understand that we have never tried to know the true meaning of career planning. Maybe that’s why our young people start a career planning campaign after completing their education. However, career planning is something to be done long before you have completed your education and not later. It should be noted that the correct understanding of career planning is to select areas during the course of teaching in which there are bright prospects for ample employment in the future.

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