Saudi Arabia’s important decision on visit visas| A huge announcement for Pakistanis and foreigners

The cost of power generation in the country has increased by 60%.

According to the documents, the cost of power generation has increased by Rs6.42 per unit in the last one year. The cost of generating electricity on diesel, furnace oil, coal, LNG and gas has gone up.

In one year, the cost of generating electricity on diesel increased by Rs 3.19 per unit. The cost per unit from diesel increased from Rs 19.43 to Rs 22.62.
Natural gas generated electricity at 62 paisa per unit more expensive last month than last year. In one year, the cost of generating electricity from LNG increased by Rs6.42 per unit. The unit price of electricity from LNG went up from Rs 7.02 to Rs 13.44.

Compared to August last year, furnace oil generated electricity at Rs. 6 more in August this year. The cost per unit of furnace oil increased from Rs. 12-23 paise to Rs. 18-24 paise. The production cost per unit of electricity from coal has increased from Rs 6.03 to Rs 9.03.

Electricity tariffs imported from Iran also increased by Rs 2.14 paise. Imports from Iran in August 2020 at Rs 10.21 per unit now at Rs 12.35.

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