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: Apple has introduced a new feature called Focus Mode in the recently released iOS 15 updates for its operating system.

This feature has made the Donut Disturb mode more functional and improved. In fact, Apple has improved the old DND mode by adding some new features, including the creation of a filter for calls and messages and the auto-reply feature with automatic and multiple customizations in case of your unavailability.

Focus mode gives users more convenience so they can adjust their ‘Don’t Disturb’ mode more easily and conveniently.
Interestingly, Focus Mode will work equally well on Apple Mac, Apple Watch, and iPad, let’s see how Focus Mode works and how to configure it.

How to configure Focus mode in iOS 15?

First, make sure to update iOS 15 to your iPhone or iPad, then go to the ‘Settings app’ and select the ‘Focus’ option. Here you will see some of the existing options. These include Do Not Disturb, Driving, Sleep and Work. Along with these options, the “+” button will appear on the right side. You can create a custom focus mode by touching the “+” button.

Then you have to find the Share Across Devices option, which is below it. In which you will see the Focus Status and Phone Calls options, through which you can determine which application should be given access to Focus Mode and how to manage calls while Focus Mode is enabled.

By tapping the “+” button, you can see the options for fitness, gaming, mindfulness, and reading. From here, you can customize them by adding them to the Focus Mode list.

Creating custom focus mode

Select Custom by tapping the “+” button to create Custom Focus mode. Then choose a color and icon by giving it a name. Then you have to select the people in your phone book who you want to be able to receive your notifications while still in focus mode.

Select the Calls From option and select one of the given options Everyone, Nine One, Favorites, and All Context. And then tap the Allow button. And if you don’t want to allow someone, then tap the Allow None button.

In the next step, you need to select the app that you want to allow to display notifications. Tap the “+” button to add apps from the list provided, you can tap the Allow button by activating the Time-Sensitive option. Like contact notifications, here you can choose not to allow any app to be notified.

Once you have completed these settings, your focus mode will be ready.

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