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At least 5% of the world’s population is afraid of heights and cannot get rid of them even if they want to.

Scientists at the University of Basel have developed a virtual reality app specifically for smartphones. This app has been shown to help reduce the fear of altitude through various exercises at home.

After creating the app, a team of scientists has used the app in a medical trial for its usefulness. After four hours of in-house training during the test, the participants have the courage to truly rise to heights.
Traditional psychiatrists treat such patients with exposure therapy. It brings to light some of the situations that are closer to reality that are being developed under the strict supervision of experts. But when people shy away from therapy due to fear, it is difficult to determine the appropriate heights in treatment.

With the help of several experts from the University of Basel, he has created an app called ‘Easy Heights’ which shows images of different heights in the circle of 360. These images collected from the drone can be viewed with the help of a helmet display, also known as a virtual reality headset.

First the patient is virtually raised to a meter and then the platform becomes virtually higher and higher. But with this gradual elevation, the fear of the one who is afraid of heights gradually decreases as the height is gradually increased instead of suddenly.

People who completed four hours of training on the app in two weeks were less afraid of heights than others. An important aspect of this app is that it can reduce the fear of heights by training at home.

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