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Ayoflak will soon start fish farming in homes

With the help of bioflake technology, home fish farming can make Pakistan economically strong and the inflation-stricken citizens and especially the middle class can significantly increase their income in this way, said Shaukat Hussain. The technology could also be very useful for large-scale fish farming, he said, adding that Karachi residents are increasingly attracted to it as Karachi has a tradition of keeping pets at home, including goats and birds. And many citizens are also getting employment from it, farms with bioflake technology are being set up in Landhi, Gulshan-e-Maymar and North Karachi areas of Karachi.

Farming fish in ponds costs more

Fishing is common in Punjab and KPK, but fish farming is being done in ponds in Sindh, which requires more land and capital, said Shaukat Hussain during the talks. As the cost of farming is high, so are the risks, especially with fish-eating birds. It is also difficult to protect pond water from contamination and to keep salinity at a reasonable level.

Shaukat Hussain overcame these difficulties with the help of bioflake technology and made it a way to make a profit with limited investment on a small area. Due to lack of technical skills and experience, he suffered losses in the first year but then For the last 2 years, they have been benefiting a lot from this farming. Most of the fish they have produced has been exported to Indonesia and now they are preparing for the fourth round of farming.

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