Shaukat Hussain, a young man from Karachi who specializes in computer technology, is using his technical skills to promote aquaculture. Shaukat Hussain’s family is involved in the fish trade, so naturally, he set out to modernize the fish trade. ۔

Initially, they developed a portal for online fish sales, but in the meantime they encountered competition from fish imported from Thailand, after which they began to know which ones were available in Vietnam, Thailand and India. While fish farming is being done on a large scale, they have learned about bioflake technology. Through bioflake technology, fish are raised in small tanks in a controlled atmosphere. The fish are kept at a suitable temperature and provided with constant oxygen. Yes, from time to time the density and salinity of the water are also measured and kept at an appropriate level and a normal organic diet is provided along with the compound diet.

Shaukat Hussain: There is so much fish farming in Sindh and Karachi that fish imports should be stopped
Promoting large-scale fish farming in Karachi and Sindh is his dream to end the import of fish into Pakistan and facilitate food self-sufficiency, Shaukat Hussain said in a conversation. We want to further expand the range of training and technical support to make fish farming easier with the help of technology.
I will benefit the fish farmers with my skill and experience, Shaukat Hussain

Shaukat Hussain has started benefiting other citizens of Karachi with his expertise and experience in flake technology. He provides training to other citizens interested in fish farming through flake technology and in a period of one and a half to two years. Has provided training to about 200 citizens including job seekers, retired citizens, and business people. Even those with small plots of land are interested in this method. Shaukat Hussain to popularize bioflake technology. Shaukat Hussain also provides technical assistance to the citizens who make fish farms and also helps in selling the finished products at good prices in the market. Efforts are being made to modernize bioflake technology and fish farming. NED University has also conducted four training courses for entrepreneurs since February.

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