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The Corona vaccine from German biotech and American pharmaceutical company Pfizer was found to be 100% effective in adolescents.

According to the World News Agency, the results of Pfizer’s trial of the corona vaccine on minors have come to light.

Pfizer, a US multinational pharmaceutical company, says the data will be submitted to the US Drug Authority for approval so that the process of vaccinating children can begin before the next school session begins.
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The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the emergency use of the Pfizer and Biotech corona vaccine in people over the age of 16 on December 12 last year. There were no trials for minors until then.

The head of Biotech claimed in a statement that his vaccine had also been shown to be effective against the new coronavirus B.1.1.7 in the UK.

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The corona vaccine, co-developed by Pfizer and Biotech, was found to be 94% effective in adult trials and was the first FDA to approve the vaccine, while the world’s first corona vaccine was also approved in the UK Was vaccinated

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