Good News for Expatriates from Saudi Government

The echo of the Apple iPhone 12, considered the symbol of the UAE worldwide, is not over yet, but among those interested in technology, especially Apple products, the new model, which will be launched under the name iPhone 13 or iPhone 12S, The debate has begun.

According to technology website Tech Radar, the iPhone 12 family was introduced last year with 5G connectivity, untouched design and powerful chipset. And Apple is preparing to launch the iPhone 13 in keeping with that tradition.

According to experts, in 2021, four models of iPhone 13 iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini will be marketed. By 2020, the appeal was focused on three models, but the mini model was added to the iPhone 12 family. However, rumors that the mini model has been dropped are also hot because the iPhone 12 mini model was not so popular.
According to the website, Apple is also working on improving the design of the iPhone 13, the board and the camera for more sharp and better images at night, but according to some experts, the camera will only be upgraded to the iPhone 13 Pro Max. While these new models will be powered by A15 chipset.

The next-generation iPhone is expected to go on sale in September this year for امریکی 699, but the Corona may change that date.

According to experts, for the past ten years, Apple has been introducing its flagship phones at the event in early September, but last year due to Corona, the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro were launched in October and the other two models iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12. The Pro Max was released in November due to a shortage of parts. But as a result, sales of phones have skyrocketed.

iPhone 13 design, display, features, camera and storage

The design and screen technology of this new model from Apple will be very similar to the iPhone 12 because Apple had made a big upgrade in this model. And potentially a new screen could add a high screen refresh rate display, giving the user a smoother and better display for playing games and scrolling through social media feeds. Experts say that this new model may have a display similar to the iPad Pro in which the refresh rate varies according to the user’s activity.

According to the Korean website The Elec, the new top two models will have a screen of 120 Hz. And like Android phones, useful features like ‘Always on display’ can also be added. And just like Android, newer models are likely to introduce an ‘under-display fingerprint scanner’.

According to the website, there are also reports of adding a ‘periscope’ camera to the iPhone13, which will give the user the best feature of 10X optical zoom. The iPhone13 or iPhone12 will likely be marketed with 1TB of storage. However, until Apple’s official release, it would be unthinkable to say anything.

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