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You may have seen at least one video of Zack King, the creator of the magical and visually deceptive video edited on YouTube and TickTalk. He is now the most followed person on Tik Tak. Each of his videos reaches 58.2 million people at the push of a button.

Thus, they have more than 58 million followers on Tik Tak and combined with other platforms, this number reaches 92 million. Tick ​​tock has now been confirmed by the Guinness Book of World Records.

They make videos from videography and magic. His first video was posted on YouTube in 2011 by JI Cuttons. He then turned to Vine, a short video platform, and became increasingly popular there as well.

In their videos, they are seen animating inanimate objects, crawling in glass-enclosed vehicles, and retrieving live animals from clothes. These videos are becoming increasingly popular due to individual examples and have been added to their videos by businesses around the world, including Turkish Airlines.

King told the media that his tic-tac-toe videos are like all platforms. I don’t make any tick-tock changes while making videos in my studio. Just make sure the video is interesting from the start and people can enjoy watching it.

Each of his posts on Tik Tak has been viewed a total of 150 million times. Viewers also ask a lot of questions about making their videos. In response, in 2009 he launched teaching videos (tutorials) on his YouTube channel so that other people could make similar videos. So far, thousands of people have watched his lessons and made videos like his.

Zack King, 31, lives in Portland with his wife and two children.

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