The Saudi Minister of Health sends a message to citizens and residents After the rise of corona cases

Technology company Microsoft has agreed to provide the US military with a state-of-the-art augmented reality set worth 21 21.9 billion.

Adorned with holographs, this headset enables the user to view holograms in their own real environment.

Under the agreement, Microsoft will supply 120,000 US-made headsets to the Pentagon over the next ten years. According to the company, these headsets will make the troops safer and more efficient.
What is augmented reality?

Augmented Reality differs from virtual reality in that, unlike virtual reality, it adds graphics to the user’s pre-existing vision instead of transforming it into a completely new environment, resulting in the user’s ‘head up display’ A ‘holograph’ can be used to further enhance the information already visible.

Microsoft is selling its HoloLens product commercially at ہزار 1,500 per headset, and architecture firms, hospitals, universities, car manufacturers and NASA are already using the technology.

It may be recalled that Microsoft had worked with the US military in 2018 on the military-grade version of HoloLens, the Integrated Visual Augmentation System. Following the agreement, Microsoft employees filed a lawsuit against the company seeking to terminate the agreement and prevent Microsoft from developing weapons technology.

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