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Virgin Galactic, the US-based space tourism company, has released the first details and photos of its state-of-the-art commercial spacecraft VSS Imagine.

According to the company, VSS Imagine will soon begin passenger flights and, once fully operational, will be able to take about 5,000 people to the “lower space boundaries” via 400 space flights a year. Will

Although its design is not much different from the previous Virgin Galactic spacecraft “Spaceship Two”, but externally it is much brighter and looks like it is made of silver.

Like its predecessor spacecraft, the VSS Imagine will be mounted on the back of a large aircraft to an altitude of about 45,000 feet, where it will start its engine and reach altitudes of up to 100 km. Will arrive

The Virgin Galactic press release did not say how much the “ticket” to reach space from such a flight would be, but hoped that thousands of space travel fans would be able to satisfy their cravings with the spacecraft.

So far, ground tests of the VSS Imagine are underway to obtain permission from the US Aviation Administration (FAA) to fly.

It should be noted that the sole purpose of such aircraft is not only to facilitate space travel, but also the same large and modern type of passenger aircraft capable of completing the journey from one country to another in a much shorter time than today. shall be.

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