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Video streaming website YouTube has introduced a great feature for users to solve a long-standing problem.

With this new feature, you can now change the name and profile picture of your YouTube channel without having to link it to your Gmail account. Previously, YouTube Creator had to change the entire Google Account to change the channel name and icon.

One disadvantage of this new feature is that if the name and icon change, the user will lose their verification badge but they can re-apply to get their new badge.
To take advantage of this new feature, mobile phone users should follow these instructions:

Open the YouTube application on your mobile

Click on your profile picture on the right hand side

Click Account

Click Edit Channel

Change your profile picture and name and click Save
Desktop users follow the instructions below;

Open YouTube Studio
Select Customization on the left-hand side
Click on Basic Info
Click on the pencil icon to edit
Change name and profile picture
Click the Publish button

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