Great good news came from Saudi Arabia for passengers of international flights

Now any smartphone can be turned into a powerful microscope by attaching a lens as big as a button. This amazing invention has been under research since 2018 and is now on sale.

It has been dubbed iMicroQ2 which has come up with many other names before. Unlike a desktop microscope, it has a very low fading rate while you can see details up to a micron. This powerful lens magnifies any object 800 times. The most important thing is that it costs one percent more than a desktop microscope.

This is a high definition microscope lens that can also see the mouth of the domestic bee and its details. It is specifically designed for low fading and that is why its reflections are very transparent but it was not easy to eliminate fading for all types of smartphones and that is why it has science and physics. Has been fighting fiercely. It uses digital, electronic and optical ie all types of magnification and zoom.

This microscope weighs half a gram and is three and a half millimeters thick. It has been affixed to a card so that it can be easily found in your wallet as this important invention can be easily hidden like nails.

Due to its design, it can easily stick to any camera lens. Its makers have linked their microscopes to a wide variety of smartphones.

Now find out the price of this useful invention which is only 39 39 and its purchase and delivery has started all over the world.

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