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Smartphones have made life a lot easier. Smartphone is a feature of translation for which people use many third party applications.

The biggest problem for business negotiators or freelancers abroad is translation (translation from one language to another).

But did you know that your smartphone has such an excellent translation tool, which can easily translate a message in different languages ​​into the desired language.
A large number of Android and Apple iPhone users use Google’s ‘Keyboard’ or Microsoft’s ‘Swift Key’. Interestingly, the G-Board translation function works equally well on both Android and iOS devices. Although Swift works on both Android and Apple iPhone operating systems, its translation feature is only available to Android users.

How to translate your messages on Android phone?

  1. If you don’t already have a Gboard, install it from the Google Play Store.
  2. Open Settings, search for ‘Keyboard & input method’ or ‘Languages ​​& input’.
  3. Make Gboard the default keyboard by clicking Manage Keyboards.
  4. Now open your message box, when you type on the G keyboard you will see the translation icon above the keys.
  5. Turn on translation mode by clicking on this icon
  6. Select your desired input and output languages, type the message you want to send, and click Translate Message.
  7. The translated message will appear in the message box. Forward or edit it if you wish.
  8. Similarly, when you receive a message in another language, you need to copy and paste the desired message into the translation box.

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