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The dollar depreciated in the interbank market on Thursday after a five-and-a-half month hiatus due to intervention by the SBP to curb the dollar’s unbridled flight. It closed at Rs 168.18, down 93 paise.

During the trading session, the dollar’s interbank rate fell by Rs 1.46 to Rs 167.65 on one occasion, but due to sustained demand, the dollar again crossed Rs 167.

Sources said that 1. 1.2 billion was injected into the interbank market in three months to curb the devaluation of the rupee, but rising import requirements and a lack of confidence did not help them move. The stock closed at Rs 168.90, down 80 paise.
Meanwhile, the rupee’s decline after a long hiatus is likely to reduce the volume of rising import bills in the coming days. The Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSE) fell on Thursday due to measures such as the supply of.

After the fluctuations in the trading period, the effects of bullishness prevailed, which restored the two limits of 46800 and 46900 points of the index. Due to the rise, the share price increased by 53.08% while the value of the shares increased by Rs. 27.35 billion 89 lakh 1 thousand 581.

At the close of trading, the SE-100 Index closed at 46920.46 points, up 203.74 points.

In the local barter markets, gold prices fell by Rs 900 and Rs 700 per tola and Rs 10 per gram, respectively, on Thursday. Done.

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