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For the first time in the laboratory, Dutch scientists have ‘cultivated’ glands that cause tears in the eyes.

It should be noted that the formation of tears in the eyes and intermittent discharge is very important for our health because it protects our eyes from various diseases and also keeps the eyes clean.

The study, sponsored by The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences in the Netherlands, was the first to identify genes in humans and mice using the latest genetic engineering technology, CRISPR. The glands that cause tears in the eyes are the most important.
Later, using each stem cell, that is, “stem cells”, specific tear-forming cells were created in the petri dish and successfully combined in the form of glands.

In the laboratory environment, these glands shed tears in the same way that tears come out of the natural eye.

These are currently the first experiments aimed at understanding the workings of the tear-producing glands in the eye.

However, in the future, experts plan to develop similar tear-making glands that can be transplanted into patients with dry eye disease.

However, this destination is still a long way off, which depends on success in future experiments.

Note: This research is published online in the latest issue of Stem Cell, the research journal of Cell Press.

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