Over the past 70 years, space rockets, failed satellites and other space accidents have accumulated so much space debris that it is constantly orbiting the earth in a dangerous manner, and now Japan has built a satellite to destroy it. Which will be sent into space on March 20.

The Astroscale company’s satellite is named End of Life Services (ELSD). It should be noted that the garbage circulating in the orbit has not only become an obstacle for further space missions but also the space station under its control could be the victim of an accident. Millions of pieces of space debris travel very fast in orbit and can even damage an astronaut outside.

In fact, this satellite is divided into two parts, a small satellite and a large satellite called ‘Chaser’. The small satellite has a magnetic plate through which it can be separated and connected to the larger satellite. But the first satellite pair will undergo several tests.
While in first orbit, the smaller satellite will separate and the larger satellite will recapture it. In the second test, the larger satellite will take the smaller one out of the way and re-connect it, noting its movement, following it. In the event of their success, the small satellite will now travel several hundred meters away and the larger satellite will find it and reconnect to it. All of these tests will be automated without human intervention.

According to the Astroscale company, no such space experiment has been done before. At the end of the experiment, both satellites will land. They will reach the atmosphere from space and will be burnt to ashes by its friction and intensity.

In the next step, the same satellite will be sent into space and in the light of its experiments, it will stick a useless satellite or a large piece of space garbage to the big satellite. In this way, one useless satellite will be taken out of orbit at a time and pushed to the ground. Although this is a laborious and tedious task, there is no better way to clean up space debris.

Then some countries themselves want their ineffective or expired satellite to be orbited somehow. At the expense of these countries, the company will continue to work and dispose of space waste.

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