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Engineers at Northwestern University in the United States have invented the world’s shortest drone, which is as small as a grain of sugar and can fly with the force of the wind.

Called the “micro flyer”, the drone is less than a millimeter in size, with three wings that allow it to fly.

In the middle are all the devices, including the microchip, that help it store energy, learn about the environment, and even transmit that information.
It should be noted that the tiny mini petals of this micro flier drone do not have a motor to rotate, but it flies in the air like seeds scattered far and wide.

This technology will serve us for a variety of purposes, from commonly used devices to medical diagnostics and environmental monitoring.

Microfly engineers say it is extremely difficult to reassemble such small drones after use. Therefore, in the manufacture of micro fliers, substances have been used which dissolve in the natural environment after a few days and turn into harmless substances.

The report, published in the latest issue of the research journal Nature, also shows that the “microfiber” has now been experimentally developed and will be widely developed in the future for specific environmental or medical purposes. Can be done

For example, for environmental research, a large number of micro fliers will be loaded into a plane or drone and taken to a very high altitude, and then released into the air.

These microfibers will travel far and wide with the wind. At the same time, they will collect the data by making the required observations which they will immediately transmit to the nearest receiver/data collection unit.

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