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Can music reduce headaches and other conditions? We don’t know the exact answer yet, but the well-known migraine and headache medicine company Neurofen has worked hard to compose music that can be used to reduce headaches.

This piece of music is called ‘Tune Out Pan’ which can be heard on Spotify but for this, you have to register yourself on the website. Psychologists and musicians have worked together to create it. Music can weaken the headache signal.

University College Dublin psychologist Dr. Claire Howlin and musician Jonathan Baker have co-created a musical that features special instruments and melodies. Some listeners have expressed happiness over it. It includes guitar, piano, bells, and other sounds.
It has been reported to thousands of patients in a state of pain and they have been asked about the severity of the pain before and after listening to music. “80% of the patients said they had a headache after listening to music,” said Czi Unlutrick, head of the Neurofen company. However, more research is needed. Professor Zizzi said his company wants to treat the pain in a way that is different from medication, and this is the first attempt.

According to the company, the music is based on scientific and sound principles, which has a significant impact. In another experiment, online music was played to more than 280 people who were experiencing severe headaches at the time.

According to Neurofin, there are many ways to relieve headaches, including regular exercise, a good night’s sleep, breathing exercises, and listening to music.

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