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Talks between business representatives and FBR officials in Islamabad were successful.

Traders postponed their protest after the FBR removed concerns over the Point of Sale, Sale Tax, and Tax Amendment Ordinance. After the talks at VOFBR, FBR member Qaiser Iqbal, in a press conference with business leaders Kashif Chaudhry and others, said that despite all the explanations on the new amendment bill on sales tax, ambiguities and misunderstandings were being spread. The bill will apply to those who do not register in the tax net instead of small traders. Sales tax is not a problem for small traders. The FBR will bring those who earn money from their homes into the tax net.

Kashif Chaudhry said that FBR officers across the country would be instructed to sit down with the traders and address the concerns, besides the concerns regarding the Point of Sale, Sales Tax and Tax Amendment Ordinance have been removed. The point of sale will not apply to small traders while the electricity bill does not impose additional taxes on small traders.
Business leader Khawaja Salman Siddiqui said that he was satisfied with the assurances of FBR and therefore withdrew the call for protest. The government and the FBR are expected to play their part in resolving the problems of traders.

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