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A new bacterium discovered from the International Space Station has been suggested to be named after Hakim Ajmal Khan, a renowned medical expert from the Indian subcontinent.

According to the details, NASA experts had obtained four types of germs (bacteria) from different places on the International Space Station (ISS) from 2011 to 2016 which were brought to the earth for further research.

Let’s say that this space station is orbiting the earth at an altitude of 408 km.
After a detailed genetic analysis of the bacteria, a joint team of American and Indian experts said last week that only one of the bacteria we already know about, while the other three bacteria have been discovered for the first time.

All four types of bacteria belong to the family “Methylobacteriaceae”, the different members of which are common in soil and freshwater. And they play a vital role in protecting plants from disease to disease.

Simply put, these germs are very useful in agriculture.

It is not uncommon to find these bacteria on a space station, as astronauts have been growing small crops on a small scale in the weightless atmosphere of space for many years.

The three newly discovered microbes were initially given the temporary names IF7SW-B2T, IIF1SW-B5 and IIF4SW-B5.

Explaining the findings in the online research journal Frontiers in Biology, Indian experts have suggested that IF7SW-B2T be officially named Methylobacterium ajmalii after the late Hakim Ajmal Khan.

He hopes that considering the medical services of Hakeem Ajmal Khan, international experts will not object to the name.

Hakeem Ajmal Khan and Dr. Saleem Alzaman Siddiqui
It will be read with interest that Prof. Dr. Saleem Alzaman Siddiqui had a long standing relationship with Hakim Ajmal Khan.

Dr. Siddiqui was doing his PhD from Germany in the 1920s. These days, World War II caused a severe financial crisis in Germany. Under these circumstances, Hakeem Ajmal Khan used to send Rs. 400 to the young Saleem Alzaman Siddiqui every month, until he completed his PhD and returned to India.
Dr. Saleem Alzaman Siddiqui continued to acknowledge this benevolence till his last moment, even naming the medicines discovered in the treatment of various diseases after Hakim Ajmal Khan.

One of them, the blood pressure medication “Ajmalin” became especially popular.

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