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: Artificial intelligence experts at IBM have developed an automated system called “Project Debtor” that can compete with humans in speech.

Although in experience so far it has not been able to defeat an expert human speaker in speech competitions, its creators hope that this will be possible after some time of continuous training.

It should be noted that work on this system has been going on for the last several years while its first public demonstration was held in 2019.

To further train and improve this system, the experts used “Argument Mining”, a sub-division of research in “Natural Language Processing”.

In Argument Mining, an artificial intelligence (AI) system combines scattered information and finds a “logical relationship” between them.

According to an article published in a recent issue of the research journal Nature, Project Debtor has been trained through 400 million news stories to enable it to compete or debate with humans on 100 different topics.

Although the “project debater” has not yet been able to compete with an expert human speaker, most of the people who have observed it have given good marks to the project debater during various discussions. Declared “very appropriate”.

Experts who created this automated system say that over time, the performance of the project debater will improve.

He hopes that this system will be able to defeat man in speech competitions in the next few years.

It should be noted that the field of “artificial intelligence” (artificial intelligence) in computer science has existed for the last 70 years, but its development has increased dramatically in the last 30 years.

Today, in almost every sphere of life, artificial intelligence is not only helping humans, but has also beaten its competitors in a variety of competitions.

Not only that, but artificial intelligence, due to its growing economic and social impact, has become an important topic of discussion in ethics and sociology today.

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