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Heavy rains since morning in the Indian capital have broken a 46-year annual monsoon record.

According to Indian media, the rains in the Indian capital Delhi wreaked havoc. A total of 1,100 mm of rainfall was recorded this monsoon season, the highest since 1975.

Rain in Delhi 1
The roads of the capital are looking like a pond while the runway of Indira Gandhi Airport was also submerged in water and flights were suspended. The Meteorological Department said that the rain with thunder will continue tomorrow.

Rain in Delhi 2

A large part of the city was plunged into darkness while the means of transportation were lost. The communication system is also in disarray. Emergency has been declared in municipal institutions and hospitals by canceling staff holidays.

Rain in Delhi 3

As rainwater collected on main highways and underpasses, queues of vehicles formed and people were forced to walk to their homes. Hoardings collapsed due to strong winds, injuring more than 10 people

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