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For the first time in Pakistan’s history, a bank has won a lawsuit against a cyber hacker in a US court, which sentenced the hackers to 11 years in prison and ordered them to return کروڑ 30 million stolen from various banks, including Bank Islami.

According to Express-News, in the 2018 incident, a group of hackers, mostly from North Korea, led by a Canadian-born man, stole data from various banks around the world and withdrew large sums of money.

Bank Islami also suffered from cyber-attacks by these hackers around the world and suffered a financial loss of about US ً 5.5 million, after which Bank Islami approached the US government to arrest the hackers. Arrested.
Bank Islami filed a lawsuit against the hackers in a US court regarding data theft and money laundering and presented evidence on which the US court ruled against these hackers and in favor of other affected banks around the world, including Bank Islami.

The court sentenced the hackers to 11 years and 6 months in prison and ordered various banks to repay لو 30 million in looted money, which also returned the claimed 55 5.5 million to Bank Islami. Will go

According to a spokesman for Bank Islami, this is the first time that a bank in Pakistan has won a lawsuit in a US court and followed suit, which has made the entire banking sector proud. Has set an example for the sector.

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