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Exporters of the local textile sector are frustrated by the gas crisis and the lack of continuity in the supply of utilities.
Decided to move abroad.

Sources told the Express that a meeting was held with the representatives of export value added industries in which Pakistan, including Karachi, for the past decade, apart from water and electricity, the past gas crisis has not been resolved and the past has been overcome. The failure of the present government was discussed in detail.

At the meeting, the exporters acknowledged the fact that inconsistencies in the provision of utilities for the industrial sector and the new crisis in the coming days, poor planning by the government and measures contrary to its own policies are obstacles to providing a conducive environment for exporters.
Javed Balwani, head of the Pakistan Apparel Forum, told the Express that due to the uninterrupted supply of utilities, textile exporters have now started serious plans to shift their investments and industries abroad and a committee has been set up in this regard. Has also been formed which will liaise with the countries providing export friendly export incentives and offer relocation of industries to the aspiring Pakistani exporters.

He said that since June 11, Karachi’s export industries have been without gas supply and gas pressure is zero. Out of 322 working days in the year 2020-21, 99 days, Karachi industries had zero or very low gas pressure. Textile exporters have RLNG connections and those who are paying at the rate of Rs. 1533 per MMBTU for fulfillment of their export orders also do not have access to gas.

He said that gas has the status of raw material for industries for which unavailability makes it impossible to run industries, in such circumstances neither promotion of industrialization nor increase of exports is possible but textile exporters are frustrated and non-existent. Frustrated with the situation, they have been forced to move their industries abroad.

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