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: Warning! You must verify your account via OTP, failing which your account will be deactivated. If you have received a similar message then your WhatsApp account is definitely a target for hackers.

The slightest carelessness can deprive you of a WhatsApp account as well as protect your loved ones and friends from risky money. Fraudsters continue to hijack WhatsApp user accounts. And in this regard, WhatsApp has repeatedly informed its users about this fraud under the guise of OTP (One Time Password). In which cybercriminals usually send misleading messages to hack user’s WhatsApp accounts and demand code (OTP) received on SMS, as soon as the user sends the OTP to the hacker. They hack his account.

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To prevent this forgery, WhatsApp announced last month that it would soon introduce a powerful feature called ‘Flash Call’ to make users’ accounts more secure. Thanks to this new feature, users will no longer need a 6-digit security code to verify their account, but this feature will automatically verify the user’s phone number. However, it will take time for this feature to become official.

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What can hackers do by hacking your account?

Hackers hack into WhatsApp accounts to gain access to your friends, relatives’ phone numbers, photos, messages. They usually use WhatsApp numbers to send messages to your friends and demand large sums of money in your name can. You can hack their contacts using the numbers in your contacts. After hacking into your account, they can view sensitive information in all group chats.

How to protect WhatsApp account from hackers?

In a statement on OTP counterfeiting, WhatsApp management said: “The privacy and security of our users’ information and messages is of paramount importance to us, however users should avoid any counterfeiting. Should

Never give out your password or the security code that comes with an SMS to anyone, be it a friend or a relative.
Be careful and if someone ever asks you for money in a message, call your friend right away and confirm if he or she is using this WhatsApp account.
If this is the nature of the message you received, report it immediately.

The message received contained grammatical and spelling errors,
I am being asked to click on a link,
Ask to share your personal information (credit, debit card information, bank account number, date of birth, password, etc.).
Ask to forward the received message
You will be asked to click on the following link to activate the ‘new feature’.
Remember that some hackers demand a fee from you to use WhatsApp, but WhatsApp is a free application that does not charge you any service charges at any stage.

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