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China has announced that it will launch its first manned flight to Mars by 2033.

After successfully landing on Mars in its first attempt, this is considered to be the most important announcement by China in the field of space conquest.

According to reports, Wang Xiaojin, head of the China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology (CALT), recently spoke about China’s recent achievements in the global conference on space research (GLEX 2021) in St. Petersburg, Russia. Highlights future plans in detail.
He presented an analysis of all aspects, from the preparation of the Chinese space mission to Mars “Tiananmen I” to the successful landing of the Xurong rover.

Wang Xiaojin said that the next Chinese project on Mars will be completed in three phases:

In the first phase, the technology for the inhabitants of Mars is mature so that they can live there using the resources available on the Red Planet and they do not have to import any equipment from Earth for their survival.

Under this phase, robots and automated devices will be sent to Mars to explore the soil and climate and find places where special arrangements can be made to make human habitation possible. Some instruments will also bring soil samples back to Earth from Mars.

All preparations for a temporary human habitation on Mars are expected to be completed by 2030.

After that, in the second phase, a series of manned flights to Mars will be launched. Wang Xiaojin said that these flights will start from 2033 and will continue till 2035, 2037, 2041 and beyond.

The third phase, the expected dates of which have not yet been determined, will consist of regular flights between Mars and Earth and large-scale construction on Mars.

Wang Xiaojin said nuclear-powered spacecraft for manned flights to Mars are also under consideration, while a new “transport system” called the “space ladder” is also being studied. However, he did not elaborate on the space ladder.

This is a huge announcement from China after space exploration, especially access to the dark side of the moon, successful landing on Mars and sending its astronauts to the space station, which is also unbelievable for most Western countries, including the United States.

The reason is that even a country like the United States, which is considered to be the most advanced in space conquest, has many times extended the history of its manned flights to Mars.

A manned flight to Mars by NASA is possible “anytime in the 2030s”, but no one knows when that date will be extended.

In contrast, China’s record so far has been that it announces its plans only when its preparations are adequately completed.

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