Saudi Arabia Flight Operation From Pakistan || Bilal Akbar Pakistan Ambassador and GACA

Federal Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed has said that there will not be as many troops in New Zealand as we had for their security.

During a weekly press briefing in Islamabad, Sheikh Rashid said that Pakistan Army and Rangers would be deployed to assist the provinces on the occasion of Chehlum of Martyrs of Karbala on 19th and 20th Safar, besides mobile phone service at the request of provincial governments. Will also be suspended.

Sheikh Rashid said that Pakistanis are keen on cricket, the Prime Minister gave the World Cup to Pakistan, I was the Sports Minister at that time, the opposition New Zealand team is accusing us of returning, sitting in a glass house criticizing us No, for the first time the cabinet has provided military security to a cricket team. There will not be as many troops in New Zealand as we have for their security. We don’t need to know anything from anyone. Our agencies are the best in the world. There are agencies, where was FiveI when the New Zealand team was practicing in Pakistan, the e-mail we were talking about came later, we don’t deserve the treatment we are being given.
The Home Minister said that I am visiting the borders not for war but for peace, Indian media has nothing to do except Sheikh Rashid and Taliban, India has trouble going to my border, I I visited the Siachen front and will also visit the Lipa check posts. My visit encouraged the soldiers of the Pakistan Army.

The Federal Minister said that Pakistan is playing the role of peace in the region, we have the same position from day one that a peaceful Afghanistan is the guarantee of Pakistan, Imran Khan’s first priority is that there should be no problem of human lives in Afghanistan, Prime Minister Imran Khan clearly said in Tajikistan that we are with Afghanistan, Imran Khan raised the slogan of Absolutely Not which made headlines in the world, we evacuated 16,000 people from Afghanistan, including the IMF and the World The people of the bank are also involved. The propaganda that India did is being dumped on Pakistan. All the borders of Pakistan are safe, we have not set up any refugee camp.

Regarding local body elections in Islamabad, Sheikh Rashid said that local body elections in Islamabad will now be held from 50 to 100 wards, which has been approved by the federal cabinet. He said that there are 516 madrassas in Islamabad, one madrassa has problems, the administration will solve it, if anyone takes the law into his own hands, action will be taken.

Sheikh Rashid said that the opposition is preparing for the elections, they are playing Friday. I invite the opposition to sit and talk to us on the EVM machine.

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