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The reasons for the worst cyberattack on the FBR are the negligence of the organization and the use of outdated devices and software.

Despite this fact, the FBR made no serious attempt to upgrade its software and devices, and hackers hacked its data centers. The World Bank also approved an 80 80 million loan two years ago to upgrade the FBR system.

The hacking of the country’s largest data center has further weakened the government’s case for holding the next general election through electronic voting machines (EVMs). The hacking took place at a time when all the work of the cabinet division was also done online.
According to sources, the country’s main intelligence agency had also informed the FBR about the fears of a cyber attack, but this warning was ignored. To cover up its incompetence, the FBR called hacking “unexpected errors in the migration process.” There was no prospect of self-accountability as the FBR and Pakistan Revenue Automation Limited (PRAL) managers were congratulating each other on restoring the system. PRAL officials who met Finance Minister Shaukat Tareen claimed that they congratulated him on restoring the IT system.

However, Shaukat Tareen told the Express Tribune that he would seek the opinion of a third party before taking any action in the event of a cyber attack.

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