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An urban scientist has spotted a new type of spider with a bright orange face in a wetland in South Australia. Due to its color, it has been named as the clown fish ‘Nemo’ of the Pixar animated film ‘Finding Nemo’. Thus, his full name is Maratus Nemo.

This species belongs to the P Cock Spider which dances and throbs. His face is orange and has a white stripe. It has four beautiful bright eyes. Its color is similar to that of a clownfish, which is why the newly discovered spider is named Nemo.

Until now, science was unaware of this beautiful creature. Sheryl Holiday, an Australian photographer and spider enthusiast, first took pictures of him in last year’s lockdown and posted them on Facebook. It caught the eye of Joseph Schubert, an expert at the Melbourne Museum of Victoria.

According to Joseph, it was probably a new type of spider, so he approached Sheryl and caught some spiders and sent them away. Joseph carefully analyzed it in the laboratory. Joseph had previously discovered several species of P-Cock Spider and named several.

Sheryl sent Joseph samples of four male and one female spider, which he received on November 20, 2020. After much research, it was declared a new spider and its details were published in Evolutionary Statistics on March 25, 2021. It is now called the Maratus Nemo. The male body of this spider is dark brown in color, the face is bright orange and has horizontal white lines on it. This is the 92nd species of puck cocktail discovered in Australia, the majority of which have been identified in the last decade.

It should be noted that this spider is so small that it is no bigger than a grain of rice and its males dance valiantly when mating.

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