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Although many ways to make eco-friendly plastics are under consideration, bio-plastics are made from wood shavings that dissolve within three months and do not remain in the environment for thousands of years like ordinary plastics.

Plastics are currently the number one enemy of the environment, human health and wildlife. Fine pieces of them are now reaching our bodies. By polluting the seas and rivers, they are killing wildlife and polluting the clean soil. That is why many laboratories around the world are working on environmentally friendly plastics with partial success.

Bioplastics have previously been made from egg shells, plants and some other ingredients, but their commercial production is still a long way off. Now the United States has transformed the powdery mildew made in the lumber mills at the famous Yale University into a thick solution by mixing organic polymers and cellulose. It undergoes hydrogen bonding to form nanoparticle fibers. This is how bioplastics are made, which have been tested against conventional plastics.
This plastic is both strong and flexible. When it was buried in the ground, it cracked two weeks later and disappeared completely in three months. It was filled with heavy liquid and a successful lifting experiment was carried out.

All the bioplastics made before that were very weak and inflexible. That’s why this new green plastic made from wood chips can be great. On the other hand, the method of making it is very simple and low cost. Interestingly, during the melting process, there is a moment when the plastic begins to become liquid and dissolves into a thick solution like a resume. At this point, it can be cleaned again and turned into plastic. Thus on the one hand it is biologically destroyed and can be recycled.

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