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Scientists have recently developed a solid-state battery that, after making it, has revealed some of its unseen properties, which they themselves have been surprised to know.

According to a report published in the research journal Science, the new battery incorporates the concepts of two modern batteries into one battery. On the one hand, it has solid-state electrolytes and on the other hand, its anode is made of silicon which makes it a ‘silicon solid state’ battery.

Initial tests have shown that it is long-lasting, safe, and full of energy. It can be used to protect everything from cars to grid electricity. It was developed by the University of California, San Diego in partnership with LG Energy Company.
Silicon anodes can store up to ten times more energy than ordinary lithium-ion batteries today. We know that the silicon anode expands and contracts when the battery is charged and discharged. That’s why they weren’t being used, no matter how much electricity they had. But now the silicon anode is enabled to somehow become part of the battery.

Professor Darren H. S. Tan, who specializes in this work, says that if anodes are made of conventional metal lithium, the temperature rises. Sometimes their temperature rises above 60 degrees Celsius. But silicon anodes charge rapidly at room temperature and store a small amount of electricity and do not overheat. That is why this solid-state battery does not catch fire.

When the experimental battery was charged and discharged 500 times, it achieved 80% of its power retention target. Thus, the dream of a silicon solid-state battery is moving towards realization. It uses micro silicon which is less expensive than other ingredients and easier to prepare.

Although the practical destination of the silicon solid-state battery is still a long way off, LG will have to work on it more. Although the startup has begun work on its license, LG will continue to experiment with it.

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