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PASADENA, California: The “Perseverance”, an automated vehicle that landed on the surface of Mars in February this year, has contracted a “selfie fever” like humans, which took a selfie of its “head” yesterday. Sent to

It should be noted that this automated vehicle sent to Mars or “Mars Rover” is equipped with a variety of cameras and observation devices, one of which is named “Watson” which is at the end of the robotic arm of the Perseverance. Is installed on

Watson himself is part of a system called “Sherlock” (SHERLOC) that is installed on the perspective. And aims to find and identify life-related molecules in the Martian atmosphere.
“Sherlock” analyzes Martian dust, rocks and rocks with its laser spectroscope, while using special cameras to make the task even better and more efficient.

The Mars rover’s selfie camera, the Watson, is one of those cameras mounted on the tip of the long arm of the perimeter.

Through such “Mars selfies”, scientists on Earth monitor the vehicle millions of kilometers away to keep track of its overall performance or malfunction.

Yesterday, when NASA shared Perseverance’s selfie on its Twitter account, some people in the comments even found similarities between Perseverance and the “faces” of the science fiction movie Robot called “Johnny Five”. The robot was also the main character in the 1986 film “Short Circuit”.

If you also want to see the latest and raw images of Mars 2020 / Perseverance, a corner is reserved on the NASA website.

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