Millions of Pakistanis become happy with the great good news, rained special rewards

For those who have different instruments and scales for measurement in civil engineering and other designing, “Mizur” has now emerged as a good news. The Mezore Digital Tool can now measure all kinds of footprints in an elephant’s foot.

It allows you to measure floor plan and other items. Just like the wheel of a computer mouse, there is a wheel on top of the Mysore. Just keep moving it anywhere and the digital meter will keep measuring it. If you want to measure curved objects such as eggs, bracelets or any design, Mysore can do this easily.

On the other hand, it also has the facility to measure the distance of any place with the help of laser, ie throw the laser; And it can measure accurately from a distance of up to 82 meters. In construction we use bubble scale and Mysore can do this easily.

The charge can work for up to a month on a single charge and you can find out the size of a bottle from a curved vase. Interestingly, after the measurement, it creates the features of any shape in the form of a drawing which can be imported and edited on any platform. You can also collect all this information on the Mysore app.

The Mysore is small enough to fit in a pocket. It can also be called the world’s smallest “2D laser room scanner”. Just turn it on, it can scan the whole room. Mysore Technology is currently undergoing crowdfunding and is priced at 9 129.

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