New Spice By Saudi Citizen For Ramadan 2021

A team of experts at Russia’s ITMO University has invented labels that are invisible but can be seen and tested with the help of a special scanner.

Holographic stickers and labels that are “smart to copy” are very common these days, but they are all visible.

Therefore, any counterfeiter can harm the real company by deceiving the customers by copying them.
To create the “invisible” label, experts used a very thin film containing silicon, which is very transparent.

At the next stage, tiny holes were drilled in the film, some of which were filled with particles of a rare element called erbium in a certain order, while the rest were left empty.

This created an invisible label.

The label is inserted into a laser by a scanner attached to a specific system, which illuminates the particles of erbium in these holes with a unique color.

This creates a pattern of instantaneous and automatic comparisons to determine which company it belongs to.

Because the label is invisible and only visible when a specific laser is inserted, it will be very difficult for counterfeiters to copy it.

Details of this invention have been published in the latest issue of the online research journal “Advanced Materials”.

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