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Japan’s Nippon Paper Industries Company is working on a unique research project that will use wood shavings to build powerful batteries that will store far more electricity than existing batteries and will also be more durable.

These batteries will use “cellulose nanofiber” which is made by separating the wood used to make it and a substance called “cellulose” contained in wood shavings and breaking it into pieces as small as nanometer scale.

According to Nippon Paper Industries, “Super Capacitors” will be made from wood shavings and will be much better than existing batteries in terms of being environmentally friendly as well as in storing and discharging electricity (charge / discharge).
It should be noted that “super capacitors” are practically batteries which have an extraordinary capacity to store electricity.

Revolutionary batteries / supercapacitors made of wood fiber will be able to charge and discharge faster, they will live longer, and the cellulose nanofibers in them will be usable for a longer period of time.

In the latest development, Nippon Paper Industries’ research team has enabled cellulose nanofibers to store a lot of electricity.

Previously, cellulose nanofibers had a very low power storage capacity, which was one of the biggest obstacles to its application in supercomputers / batteries.

Slow but steady work on the wood-fired battery. Nippon Paper Industries says that the first demonstration of cellulose nanofiber batteries will be held at the “World Expo 2025” in Osaka.

After that, these batteries will be offered for commercial sale by about 2030.

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